Greg Landry, from the Pine Grove Bible Church, Brooklyn Park, will be presenting a Creation Seminar at the Hutchinson Church of God on Sunday afternoon, May 17th, beginning at 1:30 p.m.


Evolution?  Billions of years?  Big Bang?

Does it matter?

Learn the problems with these ideas that textbooks won't tell you. 

Did you know that many science textbooks contain information that has been proven false for decades?

Discover how science overwhelmingly supports the Bible.

Did you know that geologic evidence actually clearly supports both a young earth and a global flood?

Equip yourself with facts to defend truth.

Leave with resources to help you discuss these topics intelligently.


Sadly, young people abandon their faith over these issues more than any others.  That is why it is essential for them to be equipped with the truth which is clearly supported by Scripture and our observable world.

Sunday, May 17th

1:30-4:30 pm

Hutchinson Church of God

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A perfect presentation for parents, kids, teens, college students, homeschoolers, grandparents, church leadership.... anyone.


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